corrupted database after suspend mode

corrupted database after suspend mode

Post by Natacha Brugge » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 04:42:12

We are running a eVB and Sql Server Ce app on several
Handheld pc 2000.

We are having a problem with database corruption when the
computers go into suspend mode or run out of battery.  
When restarted the application, the database is sometimes

If you know of this problem please let me know.



1. Suspend/Resume Crashes CF Card App, Corrupts Card Files

I've been able to re-produce this problem on at least two
devices: Ipaq and Symbol.

I have an application that is in the middle of CF (Storage
Card) access.  Using the power key, I quickly suspend and
resume the device.  More often than not, I get a Storage
Card Error 5 (Access Denied) with Yes (continue) or No
(fail) options.

If I select No, the app crashes.  If I select Yes, I draw
an app-generated error message about a corrupted file or
EOF reached, etc.

After a few repeats of the above, I manage to corrupt the
Storage Card on which the app resides.  The app, soon
after, becomes useless.

After some querying around, I found out that CE's multi-
threaded natures kicks off all active processes upon
resume including those that load and verify the device
driers, i.e., that of the CF card.  The app is also kicked
off, hence causing a conflict.

Has anyone seen this before?  If so, what was you work

Thanks in advance.

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