WMP playlists

WMP playlists

Post by Gary Thoma » Wed, 01 May 2002 03:18:32

Is it possible to change the order of the tracks in "All
My Music" without creating a new playlist? Anytime I use
the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, to try and edit,
wmp creates a completely new playlist.  Also, in a related
question, how does wmp go about ordering the "All My
Music" tracks initially?



1. New WMP playlist not selectable

I have a IPAQ 3765 with Pocket PC 2002 pre-loaded.  When I
have WMP open, choose Select any new playlists that I
created don't show up.  I can go into Organize Playlists
and they are there.  I can explore the "My Documents"
folder from ActiveSync and I can see the new playlist.  
The only playlist it lets me select is Playlist #3 (and it
defaults to that one).  Any suggestions?  

Also, I keep getting a message saying Network not found
when running WMP.  Why?



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