Wanted: S/W which supports Xmodem protocols

Wanted: S/W which supports Xmodem protocols

Post by John Big » Fri, 11 Oct 1991 18:21:35

I was wondering if anyone can help me.....

I need to communicate with a non UNIX system which only supports the
Xmodem file transfer protocol. I don't know very much about Xmodem and
was hoping that there is some software (public domain or otherwise) to
run on a SPARC station2 which supports this protocol.




1. kermit 6.1.193 Beta.05 no xmodem protocol


i tried to install c-kermit 6.1.193 Beta.05 on sun sparc solaris 2.5.1
the reason is binary file transfer over serial line with xmodem protocol.
this is the only available protocol on the other site.

i tried -DXYZ_INTERNAL, but i got errors on linking step. see below.
this seems to be a bug.
so i tried with external programms rx and sx
receiving files worked now. but not transmitting. i did
a truss -t exec and i can see, that kermit forkes, if i try to
receive a file, but nothing happens, if keying in the transmit command.
a second bug ?

any ideas how solve this problem ?

gcc  -o wermit ckcmai.o ckutio.o \
        ckufio.o ckcfns.o ckcfn2.o ckcfn3.o \
        ckuxla.o ckcpro.o ckucmd.o ckuus2.o \
        ckuus3.o ckuus4.o ckuus5.o ckuus6.o \
        ckuus7.o ckuusx.o ckuusy.o ckuusr.o \
        ckucon.o ckudia.o ckuscr.o ckcnet.o \
        ckusig.o -ltermlib -lsocket -lnsl
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
pxyz                                ckcpro.o
p_avail                             ckcfn2.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to wermit
*** Error code 1

:root> truss -t exec -f -p 9938
9938:       Received signal #20, SIGWINCH, in read() [default]
9938:       Received signal #20, SIGWINCH, in read() [default]
9938:       Received signal #20, SIGWINCH, in read() [default]
9947:   execve("/bin/sh", 0xEFFFF3F8, 0xEFFFFB9C)  argc = 3
9949:   execve("/usr/bin/rx", 0x00038B28, 0x00038C30)  argc = 2
9938:       Received signal #20, SIGWINCH, in wait() [default]
9945:       Received signal #20, SIGWINCH, in waitid() [default]
9949:       Received signal #20, SIGWINCH, in read() [default]
and so on ......

best regards from vienna           |   mayer (at) unisys.co.at_SPAM
hans                               |   mayer (at) relay.bfl.at_SPAM

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