What do you use a modem for on your Unix system?

What do you use a modem for on your Unix system?

Post by John LaCo » Fri, 29 Apr 1994 11:48:38

I'm teaching a Unix and modems class to some of the junior tech support folks
here at U.S. Robotics.  I'd like to get some real world feedback on how
you use a modem on a Unix-type system from some of you net citizens.

If you would, please send me a copy of /etc/ttys, /etc/remote, /etc/inittab,
/usr/lib/uucp/Dialers, /etc/gettydefs, or whatever you think would be

Also, let me know what you do with the modem(s)* out on your serial
ports.  Anyone use cu, tip, kermit, ppp, slip, uucp, or ct on a daily basis?  
How do you have your modem and system configured and why?  Why are port
monitors cooler than gettys?  (are they?)

Load Linux on your HP100LX and SLIP into the Internet with your cell phone
while biking cross country?

Thanks in advance... and if we use your story in the classroom, we'll send you
a handsome USR T-shirt.  :-)

Please reply via email.

John LaCour                                Technical Support


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