How to fix-> Login:Password:

How to fix-> Login:Password:

Post by Chris Lambrig » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 12:32:57

I need some pointers from any of you geniuses who might have some
ideas on just what is causing this. I don't know just what was messed
with, but lately our prompt is getting run together the first time it
gets echoed on logging in. Like this:


So ..the user has to hit enter once to get back to just the Login:
Then things work fine. It isn't a real problem as it doesn't seem to
effect anything, but it's irritating no less and I'd like to know
what's causing it and how to 'fix' this. This just seemed to pop up
one day after some other users were working on something, but they don't
seem to know what might have caused this. So.. any ideas will be



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By following the cryptic syggestions at, I decided I
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