wanted : termcap entry for TeleVideo 905

wanted : termcap entry for TeleVideo 905

Post by Glenn F. Leave » Wed, 17 Apr 1991 04:55:09

I'm using SunOS 4.1.1, which was shipped with a termcap entry for a
TeleVideo 910+ (tvi910+) terminal, but was not shipped with an entry for
a TeleVideo 905.  The tvi910+ entry seems to work with my tvi905 terminals
in general, but there are a few quirks.  For instance, when programs
like 'rn' use inverse video, some control codes appear on the screen around
the highlighting.  Can anyone send me a tvi905 entry or direct me to where
I might find one?

Thank you!

 University of Georgia Economics Department. 147 Brooks Hall. Athens, GA 30602


1. Termcap entry for a Televideo TVI 905

I need to find a termcap entry for a set of TVI 905 terminals that I was
given and told to use on a Xenix 2.2.3 system I watch over.

Anyone have one or know where I can find one?
                        Jim Stallworth

Systems Engineer                          EDS Medicare Systems Services

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