transfer was staying in timout

transfer was staying in timout

Post by Hans Voc » Sat, 25 Mar 2000 04:00:00

At 7.3.00 16h32 the file, coming from svzvxx, W0IMG2xxx was send to
svudine and given to Asid, but this transfer C80897a4a391720xxxx7163 was
not delivred by Asid.
transfer was staying  in timout, after Tranfer Done. We have never seen
the Delivery Start msg. I have look on local asilog on svudine, Coord
has became the file, but service 1032 was not started, and file was
staying in spool, but with no maps. Asistop et start has brought
(The file was resend the next day, because file described above define
any   Nacht  ZVOUTPUT distributions on svudine and the distribution was

I think Asid has managed the file not correctly.

Whats the Problem ?



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