shutdown hang from script

shutdown hang from script

Post by Elena Leo » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 08:46:57


I have a rather puzzling problem.

Running TWM and X11R5, I have a menu interface written using Wcl - it presents
2 other menus allowing the user to shutdown, or reboot the system.  Each
chosen menu item calls a suid root sh(1) script (dont worry only users in a
certain group can invoke this script), with a parameter -r or -h to reboot or
shutdown.  The actual commands in script and results are:
        1. /usr/etc/reboot
        The window programs are killed, then the system hangs.
        2. /usr/etc/shutdown -h.
        All programs get killed bar PID 1,0 and 2 , then the system goes into
        single user mode

So I then nohuped and put into background the invocation of the script, as well
the actual reboot/shutdown commands.  A reboot now works 9/10 times, and a
shutdown still hangs.  So I changed /usr/etc/shutdown -h to /usr/etc/halt, and
it hangs 1/10 times.

The wierd thing is that if I invoke the script itself from the command line, as
the same user, it works perfectly everytime.

H/W is Sparc 10, SunOs 4.1.3, with 2 Sbus printer cards, with a loadable module
replacing the bpp driver in the kernel.  To this is attached a high speed
Delphax printer.
I also have another same configuration, but without printer cards or module,
the script works prefectly.

Any one have any ideas?
Is this a software or hardware problem? Why? (Help!)

Please mail a reply as I dont read news that often.

Thanks in advance
Elena Leong.
System Administrator
EDIPost Australia Post.


shutdown hang from script

Post by Pete Wa » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 22:39:37

I had the same problem and ended up exec'ing it from an xterm.  My
guess is at somepoint a tty is needed.

        xterm -e 'shutdownscript'


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