How to configure sendmail user-database?

How to configure sendmail user-database?

Post by Lars koell » Wed, 02 Aug 1995 04:00:00


      I try  to use the user-database feature  of sendmail  to map my  FROM


        There are a couple of ways of doing this.  This describes using
        the "user database" code.  This is still experimental, and was
        intended for a different purpose -- however, it does work
        with a bit of care.  It does require that you have the Berkeley
        "db" package installed (it won't work with DBM).

        First, create your input file.  This should have lines like:

                loginname:mailname      First_Last
                First_Last:maildrop     loginname

        Install it in (say) /etc/userdb.  Create the database:

                makemap btree /etc/userdb.db < /etc/userdb

        You can then create a config file that uses this.  You will
        have to include the following in your .mc file:

                define(confUSERDB_SPEC, /etc/userdb.db)

      but it   didn't work. What *.mc  file  is used by  the FreeBSD-2.0.5R
   sendmail?  It's not i think.

       I also  try  to solve  the  problem  using the  installed  sendmail:
   'sendmail -bd -q30m -oU /etc/userdb.db' but without  success and I think
   it's not possible with only the alias mechanism. But again in detail:

   In the moment I have an alias of the following form

        lars.koeller: uphya001

      so mail send to lars.koeller arrive  uphya001 which is my login name.

   so that a reply goes to  lars.koeller and not to  uphya001? I think this
   is exactly the problem the user-database should solve!

   Who can help or has solved this problem?

   Thanks in advance