Rel.pathnames vs Abs.pathnames

Rel.pathnames vs Abs.pathnames

Post by Lee-Kon-Fong MS » Wed, 24 May 1995 04:00:00


Sorry, if this is the wrong place for my question
I need info about using rel.pathnames for
absolute pathnames under Unix or Linux.
In case of giving the full pathnames everytime
for an application, I just wanna know how to give
a relative pathname in such a way that it's still

I have a file named for example "kop.dat". This file
is located in /usr/local/etc/wais/sources.
When I tried a symbolic link like for example:

"ln -s /usr/local/etc/wais/sources waissources" and
tried to reach "kop.dat" with an application which
need /usr/local/etc/wais/sources/kop.dat, it's not
working. Because it's searching for

        "waissources/kop.dat"  instead of

Under WWW it's  for example:

Alias   /icons/         /usr/local/etc/httpd/icons/

where /icons/ is relative
and /usr/local/etc/httpd/icons/ is absolute.

I think under Unix/Linux it's also something like
this, but I'm not sure.
Anyone who has info or suggestions how to fix this
please answer me by email.

Thanx in advance,

Marcel Lee. ("Free" University)