Toronto: Unix Administrator

Toronto: Unix Administrator

Post by ECSta » Sat, 31 Mar 2001 14:44:53

"Stop with the negative vibes man". I don't think I've broken a Unix system in
24 years. Leastwise one I couldn't put back together :-)

And I think the original Toronto poster has been duly slapped anyway.

Eric Stahl

>>On 12 Mar 2001 07:25:35 GMT, in article

>>>Ah c'mon. Someone wants to pay money to someone else who understands the
>>>subject we're all here to talk about.

>>>I think information about the jobs[SLAP]

>>Not in this new[SLAP]

>Haven't you got someone elses unix system to break or something?


1. =>TORONTO - UNIX Administrator - up to $62,000

=>TORONTO - UNIX Administrator - up to $62,000

Our client is offering an opportunity to join a growing Systems
Administration team that is responsible for the configurations,
operations, and maintenance of their UNIX Servers and their associated
processes.  This is a permanent opportunity in the downtown core and
with an interesting environment that has developed a number of
internal and external products for the information retrieval,
tracking, and world wide

The requirements include:

-  4 -5 years System Administration in a shared UNIX environment
-  Experienced in network related issues (DNS, sendmail, etc.)
-  An undergraduate degree in a technical discipline

Candidates experienced in the administration of Windows NT, SUN/OS and
who have excellent problem solving skills while being quality driven
will be favoured.

If you are interested in exploring this exciting opportunity, please
contact Tony French in absolute confidence by sending your resume in

-2424.  You may also mail your resume to:  IT Staffing, 141Adelaide
Street West, Suite 770, Toronto, ON  M5H 3L9 or telephone (416)364

IT Staffing's commitment to you includes absolute confidentially; we
will never reveal your resume to any client company or individual,
without your express permission and only after fully briefing you of
the pros and cons of the position; we will take the time to fully
understand your career development and planning needs and aspirations;
we focus on developing relationships with clients who can offer you,
the IT professional, the best in technical advancement and corporate
growth and stability.  

All of our clients expect a minimum of two years post graduate
on -the -job experience even for the most junior assignments.  All
applications are appreciated , however only interview candidates will
be contacted at this time.


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