dump with autoloader

dump with autoloader

Post by Joshua Burn » Thu, 23 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Hi (and happy holidays).

I am considering the purchase of an autoloader for a Linux backup server
and noticed that unlike Solaris' ufsdump(1m), the linux version [of dump]
does not directly support autoloaders; it does not have the "l" option for
taking the device offline and waiting up to two minutes for the autoloader
to cycle tapes. Is it therefore possible to use linux dump with an
autoloader? I am thinking this would require expect(1) [to call mt(1) to
cycle the tapes] or some other tool? Can the tapes be cycled by another
program while dump is using the device? Is it the case that some
autoloaders are less "intelligent" and therefore make this impossible
without software? Any thoughts, insight, wisdom, anecdotes, etc. would be
appreciated. Not that autoloaders are cheap, but I'd rather dispense with
commercial backup software if possible in this case - no luck thus far
with comp.os.linux.*.

Josh Burns


1. autoloader w/ linux dump

Hello all (and happy holidays).

I am considering an autoloader for use with a linux backup server - but
after checking the man page for dump(8), it appears that the version
distributed with Red Hat does not have an option for pausing after having
reached the end-of-media to allow for automatic tape switching (like the
"l" option in Solaris' ufsdump(1m) ).

Am I correct in assuming, therefore, that linux dump cannot be used with
autoloaders - ? Are there alternative versions of dump available with this
functionality, or will this require a commercial solution?

The primary motivation for this type of solution for management was the
ability to integrate NT and un*x backups for low $. Anyone have
encouraging accounts of using smbfs for this purpose (i.e. this works well
for you)?

Thanks for your advice, wisdom, anecdotes, etc.

Josh Burns

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