Netscape Calendar problem -- Warning: IconFileCache error message

Netscape Calendar problem -- Warning: IconFileCache error message

Post by Jonathan B. Hore » Wed, 13 May 1998 04:00:00

Netscape Calendar server running on Sun (Solaris/2.5.1) crashed over the
weekend... on Monday morning, numerous users report receiving this
Netscape subprocess diagnostics message in a dialog box onscreen:
Warning: IconFileCache: unable to close open directory

Clicking OK on the dialog box releases the authentication/login dialog
box, and users can access their calendars.

Not good enough...

Anyone know what this warning is about: what's broke and how to fix it?


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1. WebEvent 3.04 released - Web Calendar, CGI Calendar, WWW Calendar

Cameron Consulting announces the availability of WebEvent 3.04 for
UNIX and Windows NT. WebEvent is an interactive World Wide Web
calendar program that allows you to view and modify calendar-type
events from any computer that can run a Web browser.


  * multiple calendar views (year, month, week, day,event)
  * multiple calendar formats (calendar and list)
  * event types (meetings, to-dos, special events)
  * repeating events
  * event reminders
  * searchable calendars
  * meta-calendars (ability to combine two or more calendars
    on the fly.)
  * source code

WebEvent 3.04 requires either a UNIX or NT server running a Web server
that supports PERL CGI scripts and can communicate with an SMTP host
for e-mail reminders and notification.

Cost is $400 for a single host, unlimited users, 5 calendar license and
$800 for a single host, unlimited users and calendars license. Non-profit
and educational institutions receive a 50% discount.  Site licenses are
also available.

For information, or to download a free fully-functional, evaluation for
WebEvent 3.04, visit Please contact

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