Post by Lim Poh L » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

To Unix Gurus,

This is a problem regarding the terminal type that should be used in the
PRO-IV database system. You see, the PRO-IV s/w doesn't seem to be able
to make use of the UNIX environment variable TERM. It defines its own
terminal type database. By default there is an entry

We have a problem in setting the type of terminal (tty numbers).
Dump terminal connected to terminal server (16 port) with a few terminals and
Pcs with Pctcp network software through a team hub.  We have installed PRO-IV
software & to gain the PRO-IV login screen, we have to identify the type of
terminal - tty numbers. The problem is the tty number is not fixed every time
we on or off the terminals. The terminals using rlogin connect to unix server
and Pcs using telnet to terminal server.

Question :

How can we set the tty number so that after switch on and off it will give a
default for each terminals? Please reply by mail.

Thanks in advance.
Lim Poh Lye

Fujitsu Systems Business Malaysia