recommendations for net monitors with Tivoli?

recommendations for net monitors with Tivoli?

Post by Susan Co » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 05:40:36

We have purchased the Tivoli system management framework for one of our Sun
systems and are now looking for network monitoring software, among other
things, that will work seamlessly within it.  Some of the contenders are Sun
Net Manager, HP Open View, and IBM Net View (is that just an adaptation of
HP's?).  Systems on the network will include UNIX workstations, Macintosh
and Windows machines.

If anyone's had any experience with one of the above or with other network
monitoring installed tools under Tivoli, please let me have your comments re
compatibility, versatility, and ease of use.

Thanks - Susan


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Hi, All,

I've just installed net-snmp port on my FreeBSD 4.7. But when I tried to
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interdependencies), I always got errors. Does anybody have positive
experience with subj? How can I make this stuff work...


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