Reference to System V accounting

Reference to System V accounting

Post by re.. » Wed, 02 Dec 1992 01:55:15

I've just started using process accounting on a System V machine and it
all seems to be working, but the documentation is very sketchy at best.
Some of the numbers in the output are self-explanatory, but I don't
really know what the rest of the numbers mean.  Can anyone refer me to a
good source of documentation on the usual System V accounting facilities?

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Reference to System V accounting

Post by Jeff Holmbe » Thu, 03 Dec 1992 03:05:30

> Can anyone refer me to a
> good source of documentation on the usual System V accounting facilities?

The "UNIX Administration Guide for System V" by Thomas and Farrow has a
good 37 page chapter (out of 630 pages) on System Accounting.

Jeff Holmbeck
Control Data Systems, Inc.



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I'm compiling unix & linux account list in my company under linux 6.2,
7.0 & digital unix 4 platforms (I'm not the original administrator of
these servers & no document left behind by previous adminstrator who
had left).

As I cat the /etc/passwd file, I found many accounts seem be used by
OS or system services only. Some of them are very obvious like adm,
bin, daemon, lp, news, uucp, games, gopher, ftp, sys, etc. But each
platform has some unique account names which seem not being used by
users e.g. gdm, halt, nobody, nobodyV, nobody4, tcb, ris, wnn, nuucp,

I would like to ask is there any easy way to identify which account is
human  user account and which being OS / OS service accounts ? Any
document available on internet to list those common system services
accounts ?

Can I based on the initial program or shell that executes to help
judge this e.g. user accounts will initialize a shell like bash, csh,
etc while system own accounts will not.


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