Requesting more comments or opinions on CA Unicenter

Requesting more comments or opinions on CA Unicenter

Post by jock » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 03:42:35

Hi, awhile back I had posted asking for opinions about CA Unicenter.
I got a few responses but was hoping to get more.  If there are any
Unicenter users (or former users) out there, I'd appreciate if you could
take the time to give me some input.

I'm running it (against my will) on 5 HP9000/8xx systems and am having
nothing but problems.

If you recommend Unicenter, can you tell me why?  What does it give me (that
I actually need) that Unix doesn't?  If you don't recommend it, I'm curious
about why not too.

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1. CA-Unicenter, Comments please

Hello everyone,

I have a client that is looking into System Management tools.  Currently,
the VP of IS is swinging towards CA-Unicenter.  He would like to know of
any comments you would like to share, good or bad.  

If you have any comments on other System Management tools please send those
comments also.

Thanks in advance.
Ron Delpiere
Consulltant, Midnight Computiing

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