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I got a couple of awesome UNIX SysAdmin  Opportunities
in the Los Angeles, CA area.  These are permanent positions.
Very, very competetive Salary and Benefits Package.

to call me (Caesar Trujillo) at 310.338.3591

Caesar O. Trujillo



1. USA-CA-LA UNIX users group meeting, jan 6th

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 doesn't work too well any more. Apologies in advance.]

Howdy folks,

A new UNIX users group is starting up in the LA area: specifically,
just south of LAX.

Our first meeting will be thursday January 6th. We intend to hold meetings
ever first thursday of the month.

Topic of the first meeting: introduction to Regular Expressions

The location is Merisel Inc., 200 Continental Blvd, El Segundo CA 90245.

The absolute URL for our group is not fixed yet, but if you want to see
something on a web page, please go to
and follow the link to the "Los Angeles County Chapter"

If you have any specific questions, you are welcome to email me. But please
note the anti-spammed email address.

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The word of the day is mispergitude

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9. LOCAL: (CA,USA) Cal Linux Users Group meeting, 4/11, Berkeley CA

10. L.A., USA, aug 3rd: free firewall setup presentation

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12. USA-NY-NYC Unix C Shell Perl and Sybase Consulting Opportunities, Spectrum Concepts Consulting.