Slip/PPP login into host through terminal server

Slip/PPP login into host through terminal server

Post by Tom Techoueyr » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 04:33:29


We have a alpha 2100 server, model 4/200 running osf/1 and a terminal server
(Equinox) connected to our local network. We use ethernet.
Remote users can dial in to the terminal server and start slip/PPP, but that
way I can't control the log time and I can only add a limited number of
different users with passwords. So I would like the alpha server to enable the
slip/PPP connections for my remote users. The remote user would dial-up to the
terminal server which will connect the user directly to the alpha, then the
user would enter its username and password and the alpha would establish the
slip/PPP connection. What is the best way to do this? Should I use sliplogin
or is there a better way?
I would appreciate any help!!

Thank You

Tom Techoueyres

Neptune, The Travel Industry Network


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