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We have just recently set up a network with various Cisco routers setup to
to a syslog server running solaris 8. The routers all have identical

The problem is that only one router is actually logging anything to the
syslog and the
others just seem to blackhole the packets.

I am able to snoop these syslog UDP packets coming from the routers to the
and they all look identical to the router that does log correctly.

Does anybody know any reason why syslogd will not respond to these packets ?
or anything that I could have missed ? or point me in any direction that
could prevent
me banging me head against the wall day in day out???



P.S. Here is the snoop output:

IP:   ----- IP Header -----
IP:   Version = 4
IP:   Header length = 20 bytes
IP:   Type of service = 0x00
IP:         xxx. .... = 0 (precedence)
IP:         ...0 .... = normal delay
IP:         .... 0... = normal throughput
IP:         .... .0.. = normal reliability
IP:   Total length = 133 bytes
IP:   Identification = 64236
IP:   Flags = 0x0
IP:         .0.. .... = may fragment
IP:         ..0. .... = last fragment
IP:   Fragment offset = 0 bytes
IP:   Time to live = 255 seconds/hops
IP:   Protocol = 17 (UDP)
IP:   Header checksum = c997
IP:   Source address =,
IP:   Destination address =,
IP:   No options
UDP:  ----- UDP Header -----
UDP:  Source port = 58551
UDP:  Destination port = 514 (SYSLOG)
UDP:  Length = 113
UDP:  Checksum = B985
SYSLOG:  ----- SYSLOG:   -----
SYSLOG:  "<142>64274: 17w0d: %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP: list 103 denied udp "


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syslog/programs writing to syslog.

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for some help/advice or some pointers to where to find this information.

Thanks for your help.


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