CA-unicenter or equivalent

CA-unicenter or equivalent

Post by Marvin Do » Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:00

   A thread on Unicenter equivalents appeared here recently. I saw three
articles. Were there more and if so and someone saved them, would you email
them to me? Thank you.

Gene Dodd


1. CA-Unicenter or Equivalent

I'm trying to gather info on Unix System Managment systems, primarily
from people that have actually used them in a production environment.
We are looking at packages like CA-Unicenter, Platinum POEMS, or maybe
a combination of standalone tools. Our primary needs are:

 * system monitoring (disk usage, memory, cpu, etc..)
 * Database monitoring tool (for Oracle, and Sybase)
 * A robust and feature rich Job Scheduler.
 * Print Queue manager.
 * Backup (which should include support for live database and
   filesystem backups, tape management, and archiving)
 * A seemless interface to some of the more standard Network Managment
   tools, and problem tracking tools.

Every vendor "has the best", but I want to get input from people who
need to rely on this stuff in mission critical production environments.

Thanks for the input!


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