dp-4.0 installation

dp-4.0 installation

Post by Alan B. Zha » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Please help me out.

I installed dp-4.0 on Sun OS 4.1.4 as a dial in server. My colleagues will
dial in from their home PCs.

Yesterday, when I started the dpd for the first time by issue /etc/dpctl -s,
I got the following message on screen:

module loaded; id = 1
module loaded; id = 2
module loaded; id = 3
module loaded; id = 4

But when I "ps -aux | grep root", I did not see the dpd process. I also got
the following message from /var/adm/dp/dp.log:

10/19 15:44:09  2664    if_addrs: Can't get interface address for "dp0",
Can't assign requested address

I realized that I did not configure the interface, I then did the followings:

/etc/ifconfig dp0 inet fermi-ppp Hpublic netmask +

The result of /etc/ifconfig -a is
        inet --> netmask ffffff00

I then restarted dpd by:


I got the following message on the screen:

module loaded; id = 5
module loaded; id = 6
module loaded; id = 7
can't load this module: Invalid argument
ifconfig: Hbzhang: bad address
ifconfig: acn-ppp: bad address
ifconfig: acn-ppp: bad address
ifconfig: acn-ppp: bad address

I "ps"ed and got
root      4224  0.0  0.0   68    0 ?  IW   09:30   0:00 /opt/dp/bin/dpd

/etc/dp/conf file:
IF=dp0 SYS=Hpublic
    MODEMS=t3000 PHONE=9=9083678====467
    LOGIN_SCRIPT=ppp-login LOGIN_ARGS=bzhang,abc LOGIN=bzhang
    TRACE=Hpublic ACCESS=toll
MODEM=t3000 DEV=cua0 BAUD=38400 DIAL_SCRIPT=t3000-dial DIAL_CHARMAP==W-,


dp0 fermi-ppp Hpublic

So the questions are:
1. How could I get rid off the modules whose id are 1,2,3,4?

2. What is wrong here?

Sorry about the lengthy message. But I already tried my best and really need
your help.

Thnaks a lot.

Bing Zhang
Software Engineer
Sohar Co., Inc
8421 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 201
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-3204

Tel: (213)653-4717 x118


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