Looking for UNIX/AIX System Administrator

Looking for UNIX/AIX System Administrator

Post by mcgin.. » Sat, 05 Jun 1993 00:58:10

I have a friend who doesn't have Internet access so I'm posting on
his behalf.

He's looking for a system manager/administrator for unix systems.
He would prefer someone with AIX administration experience.  This
job is in the Kansas City area and would pay $35 to $40K/yr.

The job description specified that the person be able to set up
and maintain file system, user accounts, and procedures.  Sounds
like pretty basic system admin requirements.

If you're interested, contact me and I'll have him call you.
To qualify for this job you must be able to interview so if you
aren't in the US, consider this.  Also, you must be qualified
to work in the US so if you aren't a US citizen, consider this

University of Kansas               Voice: (913)864-0413
Lawrence, KS  66045                  FAX: (913)864-0485

Rust never sleeps.


1. *** UNIX System Administrator - UNIX, AIX, Solaris ***

Midwest Consulting Group is currently seeking to add to our team, a
systems professional with experience in UNIX, AIX or SUN Solaris system
support and administration. As a firm we offer a very competive salary,
full benefits for the employee, including 401K with matching, overtime,
benchtime, etc. Please forward your response to Terry Jordan at the

(972)444-2550 or call (972)444-2525 to discuss the position further.

Thank You
Terry Jordan
Technical Recruiting Specialist
Midwest Consulting Group, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

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