terminal emulation package TI 924 or TI931 VDT terminal

terminal emulation package TI 924 or TI931 VDT terminal

Post by Stephen Webe » Sat, 13 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I can get a terminal emulation package for WIN95
which will emulate the TI 924 or TI931 VDT terminal?

Is there another more popular terminal type which is close to the TI924 or



1. TI 924 Dumb Terminal

Does anyone know how to connect a Texas Instruments 924 video display
terminal to a PC via the serial (or parallel) port?  There are 2 DB25
female ports on the back of the monitor -- one labeled EIA and the
other labeled PRINTER.  I tried a straight connection to a serial
port, ran it through a null modem, and used a laplink cable to the
parallel port.  The only response I got was some garbage (tildes, x's
and front/rear slashes) using the null modem.  Someone told me to try
using a modem reverser (switches pins 2 and 3) through the parallel
port, but I figured I'd ask before I spent any more money.  I tried
TI tech support, but they were worthless.  Any takers?

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