Can't Access Recently Modifyed NFS Mounted Files

Can't Access Recently Modifyed NFS Mounted Files

Post by System PRIVILEGED Accou » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 06:26:11

   I'm having a problem with a workstation on my network that is running Dell
SVR4 and mounting files from a server running Ultrix 4.2A. Starting a
couple days ago it would hang when trying to access some NFS mounted files.

   I've narrowed down the problem to files that have been accessed by any
other workstation or server on the network except the SVR4 workstation
with the problem.

   For example, if I create a file called filex on the NFS mounted file system
from the SVR4 machine it will be accessable (using more, cp, vi, etc.).
But if I login to the server or another workstation on the network and
type "touch filex", filex will no longer be accessable from the SVR4
workstation (for example "touch filex" will hang).

   On the other hand, any older files (more than a couple days old) that
were created on the server or other workstations are accessable from the
SVR4 machine.

   I've tryed remounting the file system, and re-exporting it, but I'm
really in the dark as to what is going on here.

   Can anyone out there tell me what is going on or even some things
I might try.

Dan White                                   UUCP: uunet!npt1!dan

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Middletown, RI 02840
the file in any way from the server or another workstation


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