Linux can't run ncsa httpd 1.5

Linux can't run ncsa httpd 1.5

Post by Jame » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Do anyone try to use ncsa httpd1.5 in Linux? I have the experience that
it can't run properly and generates many error log messages, whose amount
can even be 30~40 MB in 5-10 minutes. How to fix it?

James Leong


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After a successful installation of the NCSA search tool 'Doc Finder' (with
freeWAIS 0.4) under CERN HTTPd 3.0, I tried to run it under NCSA HTTPd 1.5
(both under under Solaris 2.4).
Now there is a problem: Calling 'Doc Finder' with a WWW browser always results
in "SEARCH FOR [...] - No documents found" although running it directly in a
UNIX shell with the same search keywords returns several documents found.

If anybody has an idea where the problem might be, then please send an email

Thanks a lot

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