Director of Computer Services

Director of Computer Services

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Position:


     Reporting to the Associate Director for Research and collaborating closely
with the Associate Director for Institution Operations, is responsible for
providing the leadership and delivery of information technology Institution-wide
in support of network technologies, research computing, business systems, client
services and information systems strategic development.  The position will
receive advice from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Computing and other
appropriate advisory mechanisms on matters related to scientific research support
and administrative computer applications.

     SPECIFIC DUTIES PERFORMED:  Oversees the use of computing technological
resources for Institution-wide applications; develops appropriate operations
strategies for research and administrative computing support, including personal
computer and work station support; ensures effective use and development of
network technologies, such as high-speed networking, information servers, and
distributed computing environments; oversees administration of the Institution's
business systems for financial and administrative operations; maintains client
services group responsible for information systems contracts and other billable
services, e.g., applications programming, site licenses, software and hardware
service contracts; remains a* of advances in information technology and
related services provided by the Library, Telecommunications and Graphics
Services and works in close contact with those operations, fostering
collaborative activities as appropriate; works closely with the Scientific
Advisory Committee on Computing and other units within the Institution to ensure
effective communications from and to the Computer and Information Services and
to maintain efficient and cost effective user service; supervises a staff of 28
and oversees an annual operating budget of approximately 3.5 million dollars;
performs other duties as may be required.

     EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE DESIRED:  Advanced degree, or equivalent combination
of education and experience in a discipline related to computing and information
services required; experience in the research environment essential; knowledge
of UNIX operating systems and in-depth experience with distributed computing
environments that support DOS and MacIntosh computers critical.  Demonstrated
experience and skills in one or more of the following areas helpful:  scientific
or research computing, scientific visualization, GIS, library computing,
telecommunications, Local and Wide Area Network technologies, business computing
applications and systems, relational data base technologies, fourth generation
languages and object programming.  Strong verbal and written communication
skills, decision-making skills, with at least ten years of increasingly
responsible and demonstrably successful leadership and management skills with
information services essential.

     The principal activity of the Institution is scientific research.  In
support of this, the Institution has made a commitment to providing for a state-
of-the-art networking environment with distributed resources, scientific
visualization and the development of a network presence.  The Director is
expected to play a central role in the development and maintenance of these
initiatives.  The Institution has made a commitment to the concept of total
quality management, re-engineering principles and benchmarking major business
functions and operations.  The Director is expected to support and actively
participate in these ventures.

     Send resume to:
                     Human Resources Office
                             Box 54P
              Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                      Woods Hole, MA 02543

  TEL: (508)457-2000, ext. 2210             TDD: (508)457-2197

              An equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V
                 WHOI is a smoke free workplace


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Is it possible to use the service director without registering it with
IBM. We have a machine (43P - 140 Mhz) with no warranty...the manual
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We want to use it for notifing certain persons at a system failure
without placing a call directly with IBM.

Thanks in advance,

Kris Welleman

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