HELP! Need lockout feature with XDM and ScreenLock

HELP! Need lockout feature with XDM and ScreenLock

Post by Rajiv Koh » Sun, 16 Jan 1994 03:16:07


I urgently need to incorporate this feature so if somebody
has already done it or knows of a ftp site that has the
solution to this problem, please relay it to me.



In a network of SUN's running YP/NIS, xdm and Screenlock/ScreeSaver
we need to add this additional security. When a user attempts
to log in initially OR after a ScreenSaver kicked in, NOT
MORE THAN  3 attempts be allowed. The password should be blocked
and only the system administrator should be able to make changes
so the user can get in.

It will be great/ideal if somebody has a solution with IXI
Screenlock and XDM. HOWEVER, we are willing to dump IXI
screenlock and install/incorporate some other ScreenLock -
xlock, locksc, lockscreen, deadman, etc. We cannot dump XDM

I am pretty tight on time. So if somebody can help me out on
this, pretty quick, I will really appreciate it.



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