HP lpsched failed

HP lpsched failed

Post by q.. » Wed, 19 May 1999 04:00:00


I cannot start lpsched on HP 10.20 box. Initialy everything looks OK
(lpsched says that its running), but process doesnt
start. Below is some output from the terminal:

# lpsched
scheduler is running
# ps -ef | grep lpsched
root 17307 16871  1 17:23:04 ttyp4    0:00 grep lpsched

# lpstat -t
scheduler is not running
 system default destination: lp0
 lp0 accepting requests since May  7 16:48
 lp1 accepting requests since May 10 10:45
 printer lp0 is idle.  enabled since May  7 16:46
 fence priority : 0
 printer lp1 is idle.  enabled since May 10 10:45
 fence priority : 0
 lp0-211            root          priority 0  May 14 20:24
 (standard input)                        1305 bytes
 lp0-212            root          priority 0  May 17 18:57
 (standard input)                        1305 bytes
 lpstat: execlp failed

If you guys know the problem, please give me some advice

Thanks in advance,


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HP lpsched failed

Post by Scottr » Tue, 01 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Have you checked for the existence of the
/var/spool/lp/SCHEDLOCK file?

The lpstat -t ouput says the scheduler is not
running and you cant start it if the above exists.

Remove the SCHEDLOCK file if it exists and
try restarting the scheduler again with lpsched.