Help needed with resh/rsh remote command

Help needed with resh/rsh remote command

Post by Scot » Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:16:51

                                       Can someone help...?

                                       I am a relative newcomer to Unix
and need some help with the above.

                                       I have inherited from my job
predecessor a backup script which backs
                                       up files from its 'home' server
onto a robotic tape library and then
                                       makes a remote connection to
another server and does a remote backup
                                       of certain selected files. Last
week the remote machine went down and
                                       having got it back up and running
again, the backup script no longer
                                       performs the remote connection.
All I get are the following error

                                       TCP: t_rrcmd: Error setting up
stderr: event received on stout.
                                       TCP: t_rrcmd: The remote host may
have closed the connection.
                                       TCP: t_rrcmd: Network error.


                                       Not on system console.
                                       Connection closed.

                                       I have studied man pages and
TCP/IP manuals and have tried to amend
                                       the .rhosts file with little
success. I can now resh into the remote
                                       machine using my own login but if
I try to resh using root I still get a
                                       password prompt, which is no good
because the backup script need to
                                       run automatically.

                                       Any help will be GREATLY

                                       ps. Sorry if I am missing
something obvious



Help needed with resh/rsh remote command

Post by Nick Bachman » Tue, 03 Jul 2001 02:46:22

        Are the daemons for rsh and rlogin running on the server you're trying to
connect to (i.e rshd and rlogind)?
        Also, unless you trust every user and system on the network, you might
want to switch to ssh. See

Nicholas Bachmann

"To Boldly Go Where Angels Fear To Tread"
        -From the Infocom Game "Stationfall"


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Much obliged


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