64 bit Unix (esp. 64 bit IO)

64 bit Unix (esp. 64 bit IO)

Post by Steffen Gatter » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00


we are planning to install a large db & file server this year.
All the OS tends to go in the 64 bit direction, so it would
be nice to know a bit what's available today
(or the near future).

I'd be very pleased if you could provide me with some information
about the major plattforms
(AIX,Solaris,HP-UX,IRIX,Digital Unix,SCO, ...
 and WinNT <hope this is not blasphemy :-) >

Filesystem Type (log based or not, ...)
Max. FilesystemSize
Max. FileSize
Max. Virtual Memory Size
True 64-bit (or IO only)

Many thanks
and I'll summarize if there is an interest.

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64 bit Unix (esp. 64 bit IO)

Post by Ketil Z Mald » Wed, 05 Feb 1997 04:00:00

> I'd be very pleased if you could provide me with some information
> about the major plattforms (
> AIX,

I know not, but AFAIK, the PPC620 isn't out yet, and it's supposedly
when the PPC series go 64.  Probably not for a while.

Quote:> Solaris,

Sun's OS is still 32 bit, even though they've had 64bit Sparcs for a
some time now.  Third parties (Fujitsu?) have produced 64bit

Quote:> HP-UX,

HP has just launched their PA-8000, which is a 64bit processor.  They're
supposedly collaborating with

Quote:> SCO,

to create a 64bit, three-dimensional (whatever that means) operating
system.  Possibly we'll see a 64bit HP-UX, but to my knowledge there are
no such plans.

Quote:> IRIX, Digital Unix,

Both SGI and Digital have 64bit OSes that run on their machines.
Digital Unix has AFAIK been 64 bit from the start, while IRIX 6 was the
first 64 bit version.

Quote:>  and WinNT

Rumours of a 64bit NT in the works, currently the only platform that
makes sense on is the Alpha, so I'd expect Digital to push on for this.

For the record, Linux and NetBSD are 64bit where the processor supports
it (Alpha, MIPS, etc)

Quote:> Filesystem Type (log based or not, ...)

Think most commercial big league Unices use the VxFS, which supports
journalling, and also volume groups/logical volumes type of disk

Quote:> Max. FilesystemSize
> Max. FileSize

HP-UX10 and Solaris in later releases supports large file systems.  No
exact numbers, but at least bigger than 4Gb.  I'd be surprised if any
modern OS _didn't_ support Tb file system and file size.

Quote:> Max. Virtual Memory Size

32bit OSes like Solaris supports more than 4Gb virtual memory, due to
some tricks that escape my comprehension.

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