us-ca-sac Technical Resources Network Engineer (recruiter) la/rd

us-ca-sac Technical Resources Network Engineer (recruiter) la/rd

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JOB TITLE:   us-ca-sac    Technical Resources Network Engineer
                          (recruiter) la/rd

DESCRIPTION:  You will perform the testing and certification of various
              network configurations.  Resolve network hardware and
              software issues.  This position requires advanced
              knowledge of DOS and network applications.  A minimum of 4
              years experience working in the computer industry with a
              BS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
              preferred.  Certification in at least one of the areas
              listed below with two years of experience in that area:
              - IBM OS/2 LAN Server Advanced OS/2 Warp
              - Banyan Vines
              - SCO UNIX and Sunsoft Solaris
              - DEC Pathworks
              - Windows NT and Windows 95.

PROJECT LENGTH:   Full Time/Sacramento Area


HOW TO RESPOND: E-mailed resumes will ONLY be accepted with A COPY OF
                THIS PAGE. Use this document's FULL title in the title
                of your e-mail response.

                You may also call Rob Deck at (310) 645-7600, Extension
                284, or fax resume to (310) 645-0063.

WHO WE ARE:     Mini-Systems Associates, is a placement agency focused
                primarily on high tech careers such as engineering
                (software, firmware, mechanical, electrical, civil)
                and computer/programmer related positions (MIS, Client/
                Server, software development, networking, CNE's, system
                admin., SQA, Configuration Management, GUI development,
                Application programmers).  With offices in California,
                Arizona, Washington and Oregon we have been serving
                the needs of commercial and military based employers,
                nation-wide for over 18 years.

  \ 6053 Bristol Parkway                  (310) 645-0063 FAX      \
   \ Culver City, CA 90230                                         \


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Internet Application Implementation Specialist sought by a premier
high-tech solutions vendor to work full-time (no consultants, please) out
of the Los Angeles, CA office.  Travel is up to 75%.  Minimum Bachelors
degree education.  US citizenship and residency required.  Experience in
HTML, CGI, PERL or C languages, Web Browsers, UNIX (esp. HP-UX), Graphics
editors.  Experience installing and configuring Web servers.  Aesthetic
sense.  All replies handled in strictest confidence.

For consideration, please contact:

Tyler Cade
Ken Leiner Associates
11510 Georgia Ave., Suite 105
Wheaton, MD  20902

Tel:  301-933-8800  x) 113
Fax:  301-933-8808

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