Netware NFS <-> (Sun) NFS & NIS

Netware NFS <-> (Sun) NFS & NIS

Post by James Seymo » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I'm encouraged to see others trying (something like) this,
but in all of the other threads, I've seen nothing discussed
wrt what we're trying and what we're seeing, so here goes...

There's us (Medar) in the U.S. and a newly-acquired
subsidiary in Europe.  Medar was networking Xenix and UNIX
boxes long before we even *had* many "DOS-boxes", and, as
a consequence, our outlook is, well, UNIX-centric.  (In
other words: we're UNIX-heads :-).)  But, as you may have
guessed by now, this new subsidiary is a "DOS-house".

We're using TCP/IP, NFS, etc. and they've been using
Netware's IPX/SPX, etc.  

We now have to start "merging" certain aspects of the two
operations--including across-the-pond, cooperative project
development.  Since we're *strong* believers in non-
proprietary, industry-wide standards, the decision was to
try to do this with TCP/IP and NFS.  Much to our delight,
we discovered that the combination of

    Netware 4.1,
    Netware NFS Services 2.1, and
    Patches: NFS 197

would provide the needed functionality.  Mainly: we need,
for starters, to make a set of development directories on
the Netware server in Europe available to be mounted on
various machines here in the U.S.  I was further delighted
(pleasantly astonished, actually) to find that Netware NFS
Services actually knew how to do NIS!  (NIS, for those
readers that may not be familiar with the term, stands for
"Network Information Service".  As it's name implies, it's
a network service that allows information about all kinds
of things to be made available, and even altered, network-

But we've got a bit of a problem:

    We're using ISDN (if you've ever priced Private Line
    service between Europe and the U.S., you know why).

    at the NIS root master server asking for "map
    relations in" and querying about "-1 in
    group.bygid" and "world in group.byname".  It keeps
    doing this over, and over, and over, and over....
    The only way we can make is stop is to turn off the
    NIS services in the Netware server.  (Enough of this
    and we might as well have T1 installed.)

    But the exporting-from-Netware-server-to-whatever
    doesn't seem to work right (permissions?) without
    NIS running on the Netware server.

Novell in Europe said: "Make it a NIS replica server".  Which
we tried to do.  But that doesn't seem to work either.  At one
point, after trying this, my counterpart in Europe informed me
that the Netware server had then decided it was now the root
master server!  Another time (or more), trying to tell it that
it was a replica seemed to have no effect at all.

In any event, when I try to tell the Sun box (which *is* the
NIS root master server) that the Netware box is a replica, it
comes back with:

    rpcinfo: RPC: Program not registered
    **ERROR: NIS+ server is not running on phoobarr.
            You must do the following before becoming an
            NIS+ server:
            1. become an NIS+ client of the parent domain
               or any domain above the domain which you
               plan to serve. (nisclient)
            2. start the NIS+ server. (rpc.nisd)

This whole thing is complicated by the fact that he's over
there and I'm over here, and that he knows little of UNIX,
TCP/IP, and the like--while I know next to nothing of Netware.

Any clues, suggestions, etc?

Specific technical questions...

Normally, when making several UNIX boxes work together using
NIS, you must tell the master server of each NIS client's
"secure-RPC-netname" and the "root" password that goes along
with it.  The secure-RPC-netname is said to always start with
"unix".  (For example, the secure-RPC-netname for a UNIX host
named filbert that was in the domain "" would be

box.  Hmmm...  Secondly, the "root" password.  I asked my
counterpart for the password of the account on the Netware
server that most closely resembled what the "root" account on
a UNIX box is.  He came up with the "admin" (I think it was)
account.  Is this right?

NIS is not a bunch of fun in it's *easiest* deployments--this
is probably just asking for trouble...

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