Disk full message

Disk full message

Post by Timothy Nol » Mon, 03 Jan 1994 12:04:00

I have a Sun 4/60 running 4.1.3 and was recently compiling gnuplot when
I got the following message:

Jan 01 02:37:13 Rocinante vmunix: /: file system full

where Rocinante is the name of my standalone workstation. I have a 330
meg hd in a Sun shoebox and du reports the following:

Filesystem          kbytes    used    avail    capacity    Mounted on
/dev/sd0a             7846    3731     3331       53%      /
/dev/sd0g           201535  162908    18474       90%      /usr
/dev/sd0h            74272   19064    47781       29%      /home

the files I was compiling reside on /home/Rocinante/tnolan/gnuplot. The
disk came configured as shown above. I have 2 300+ meg hds I can add as
soon as I figure out how to get from a Sun DB50 3-row scsi connector to
a Computervision 50 pin rectangular PC-style internal scsi cable
connector. (you know plastic, two 25 pin rows, used to connect say an
adaptec 1542 to an internal scsi drive...wierd, I know.) Anyway, I'd
appreciate knowing how to handle this as I'm quite unsure as to how to
proceed. Thanks for any help.

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I recently setup Redhat 5.0 on a Pentium 60, and things have been running
well for a couple of weeks. I'm still a neophyte really, but am feeling
pretty comfortable with things generally.

A little while after I upgraded to the latest version of X, I started
getting mail messages from Cron complaining about being out of disk space
when trying to write some files. I did a 'df' and saw that the disk was at
100% capacity, 0 free blocks. I trashed some stuff out of my personal
folder, /var/tmp, etc. to free up space. df still returned 100% full. I used
rpm to uninstall some non-essential packages (games mostly) and ran df
again. Same result. I ran 'fsck' to check out the drive, still no space. I
rebooted. No space. I rebuilt the kernel. No change.

A lot of things aren't working now without disk space. Clearly, it's not a
matter of having a full disk. Something else is wrong, but I have no idea
what, or how to begin debugging this. I could just wipe the drive and start
over, but I really don't want to do that - I want to learn how to solve this

Any ideas what it could be, or suggestions of what I can do to figure it


Dan Bradley

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