ifconfig errors

ifconfig errors

Post by Paul Schall » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

In trying to set up some virtual services on my Sun Solaris 2.4 system,
I am getting an error with regards to ifconfig.

Error is:

le0ifconfig: SIOCSIFADDR: le0:1: Can not assing requested address le0:1 le0:2

ifconfig: Could not open device for le0:1

Have I missed something?



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my company has a colocated server with 8 ip addresses.
This sunday I cvsupped it to 4-stable. Before I rebooted I had 8 ip adresses
with subnetmask
After the reboot it seemed that the ip adresses didn't work. When I tried:
/sbin/ifconfig fxp0 alias 217.xxx.xxx.xxx it says:
ioctl(SIOCAIFADDR): File exists

This doesn't seem logic to me.
When I try adding it with subnetmask it works. This ip is
accessible. However this doesn't
seem logic to me because it shouldn't be able to reach it's gateway?

Anyone who knows an answer to this?

Ruben van Gogh

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