statd messages

statd messages

Post by Lawrence Ch » Sun, 22 Mar 1992 01:08:50

I have an ISC 3.2.2 system running NFS 2.1 and TCP/IP 1.3.  And, I'm
getting this annoying message:

clnttcp_create: RPC: Program not registered
statd: cannot talk to statd at AQUILA

The only thing I can do is quickly log on and kill 'statd' on my system to
make the message stop, and if I don't do machine eventually get's

We have many different types of machines on the network, and 'statd' is
present on all of them....accept AQUILA.  So, killing it isn't the solution
I want.

I probably explains why NFS is so unreliable at the moment.....

Anyways, AQUILA is a MVME147SA running Motorola SysV/68 Unix R3V6.  And,
the particular implementation of Lachman NFS on the Motorola doesn't have
statd or lockd....along with lots of other goodies.

I know that R3V7 has a newer version of Lachman NFS that does have these
missing daemons, but the people that the machine belongs to don't have it
in their budget to upgrade at the moment.

Its also interest to note that R3V7's TCP/IP implements UNIX Domain
sockets, I wonder when ISC's TCP/IP is going to get them......

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1. rpc.statd message on Sparc

I recently started seeing this message in the system logs on a
Sparc4/Solaris 7 machine:

Oct 22 23:31:31 <> statd[123]: statd: cannot talk to statd
   at atlas, RPC: Procedure unavailable(10)

This will come up every few minutes or so.  Just started doing it
tonight after a problem running a program from NFS (it hung).  Both machines
involved have been rebooted, but the message is still there.  "atlas"
is a FreeBSD machine (the NFS server) and "" would be the
fully-qualified domain name of the sparc machine.

Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks.

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