Problems backing up veritas volume manager 3.5 partitions using

Problems backing up veritas volume manager 3.5 partitions using

Post by Chris Thom » Thu, 29 May 2003 17:44:50

Hi all,

We are using the script that you can download from

We have several partions that the script backs up including partitions
on remote servers.  The script also backs up veritas volume manager
partitions along with ufs partitios. The boxes we run are Solaris 2.6
and 2.8.

The problem is I have just built another server with veritas volume
manager 3.5 and I am trying to back the server up using the same
hostdump script.

I get the following error:

chmod: WARNING: can't access /usr/tmp/18020.commands
/hostdump/ /usr/tmp/18020.commands: not found

Anybody have any ideas?



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Trying to work out the details of doing a Live Upgrade (Solaris 8) on
several systems with mirrored (via Veritas Volume Manager) root.  The
problem I am having is the "breaking" of the mirror.  I am following a
guide I found on the Veritas website.  The problem is that it doesn't
always seem to work. Sometimes both disks are removed from Veritas's
control and sometimes only one disk.

Does anyone have a list of commands that will indeed remove both disks
in the mirror from Veritas control?

thanks in advance

Bill W

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