Question on Elm related to outlook mail

Question on Elm related to outlook mail

Post by Srivastava Durge » Thu, 07 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I am an elm user. When a person sends me email using MS outlook and
I try to read it using elm, it pops up a new xterm. I donot want
it to pop a new xterm. I want to read it as any other regular mail.
(I am using HPUX with X-windows)

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



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I have a problem with elm. All of a sudden i cannot access
my incoming mail file.  Elm reports it can't read the mail
file because it is  corrupt.  I can read the file using vi
and it looks ok.  There must be something missing in the
file to make it corrupt.  I'm hoping I can repair the file
but I do not know what the structure of the file should be
or what elm is looking for..  I did some searching on my
system for documentation but can't find anything.  Any
suggestions on where to look.  And any suggestions on what
may be wrong?

I have a HP-UX 8.05 system and  Elm revision: 66.25

Thanks in advance

Tom Jennings

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