HELP -- Password aging on NIS systems

HELP -- Password aging on NIS systems

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We want to implement password aging on our system that is running
NIS.  The NIS master server is an SGI and the NIS clients are
SGIs, IBM, and HP.  The Unix docmentation that we've come across
said one can't implement password again on NIS.  We wonder if anyone
has found a trick to get around this.

Thanks in advance.
Ping Chin, O/19-65, B/598, (408)742-9132
Lockheed Missiles and Space Co.
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1. HELP: NIS w/shadow password and password aging, etc

I would like to enhance password security on three master NIS servers (each with a different vendor's flavor of unix; IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, and SUN OS).  My fantasy is to implement shadow passwords along with password aging, and password checking as is available with the npasswd program from UTEXAS.  I would like users to be able to change their NIS password from any NIS client, while at the same time guaranteeing that the passwords will comply with any npasswd style rules implemented.  Also, as some users never log into the NIS master, notification of expired passwords would also have to be proprogated to the NIS clients.

Is this possible?

Thank you,
Jim Byrnes
Departments of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering
Center for Composite Materials
University of Delaware

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