How to _reliably_ keep track of time logged on

How to _reliably_ keep track of time logged on

Post by Alec H. Peters » Sat, 02 Jul 1994 03:01:11

We're going to start logging and charging for total time logged on for
users.  However, every now and again when a user is un-gracefully booted
off of the system, their wtmp entry is not updated, so they are shown as
being logged in when they are not.  I know that one could write a program
to periodically check the wtmp against the process table and if they are
entered in the wtmp but don't own any processes to update the wtmp entry,
but there has to be an easier way.  We're running SunOS 4.1.3 here.

Any help that could be offered would be great.


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1. How can I keep track of the change of "/var/log/message"?

that is to say: if syslogd appends records to the file
"/var/log/message"("/var/log/secure"),how can i know them as soon as
Shall I periodly check the file? It may lead to low performances,i think.
as to my knowledge,klogd can dump the kernel message to syslogd using the
system call "sys_syslog",but how to do so?
the application can use the function "syslog()" to log something into the
system log,does it just communicate with the daemon -- "syslogd" ?

thanks for your help!


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