shell archives

shell archives

Post by Nolan S » Fri, 10 Mar 1995 05:28:01

This is my first posting to this list so please don't flame me!

I have just downloaded a file which is a turn checker for a pbem
game.  The problem is I don't understand how I execute it with /bin/sh.

Here are the instructions:

#! /bin/sh
# This is a shell archive, meaning:
# 1. Remove everything above the #! /bin/sh line.
# 2. Save the resulting text in a file.
# 3. Execute the file with /bin/sh (not csh) to create:
#       reflect
# This archive created: Thu Jan 13 23:01:29 1994

Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated,



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I have these questions to ask.
        1)  How to create shell archives? Should I do it manually or
            is there a routine to save the work?

        2)  What does 'shar' do? There is no manual entry for shar in
            the system I'm using, but shar command can be invoked.

I appreciate any help you can offer.


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