How do I verify a "defined tape device"?

How do I verify a "defined tape device"?

Post by Ken Burt » Fri, 27 Aug 1993 11:11:44

I'm in the process of performing a system backup of our RS/6000 at
work for the first time.  I want to create a bootable tape for test
purposes.  I am following the step from the manual.  However, when
it begins to perform the backup it says '/dev/rmt0' is not defined or
not ready.  We have I believe a 1/2inch 3480 type cartridge attached
to the unit and SMIT says it is defined.  What is my problem???
I'm a rookie at this so keep it simple....
Thanks, Ken...

1. Need help making tape drive "Available" after "Defining"

 I'm looking for some help with our RS-6000 and its accompanying
 IBM 7207-001  SCSI 1/4" tape drive (not model 011).

 I am able to use SMIT or mkdev (by hand) to define the 150mb drive
 but I am never able to "configure" it to the Available state so that
 I can install (via SMIT ->  root# smit iou)  other software from
 various vendors.

 This is the error (from smit and command line):

    # mkdev -l rmt0
    Method error (/etc/methods/cfgsctape):
        0514-047 Cannot access a device.

 I have tried the following techniques along with IBM tech support,
  but with no luck:

 0)  power-cycled the tape drive/stuck in a tape
 1)  checking all the cables/terminators
 2)  verify scsi board, visually.   probably ok since the 400mb
        SCSI disk is operating properly.
 3)  verify scsi address (was 3, we tried 4 just for kicks - same result)
 4)  completely removing the device via s/w and tried mkdev again.

 Step 4 was repeated many times.
 The device address is 00-01-00-40   or something similar.

 The "Defining" command  is right from the man page and seems to work:

 # mkdev -d -c tape -t 150mb -s scsi -p scsi0 -w 40

  There is the distinct possibility that the drive is faulty, but a few weeks ago
 (when it was last used) it successfully booted from tape so that I could install
 AIX windows from one of the 4 AIX3.2 tape volumes.  No problems there.

 I appreciate any insight to the problem or helpful hints.  Thanks in advance..

        (415)-322-6390 x185

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