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Looking for a network administrator
studio x inc is a growing ISP here in Santa Fe, New Mexico
and we are looking for a unix sysadmin and network administrator.

david brownlow
president, studio x inc.
1270 calle de comercio #3
santa fe, nm 87505


1. Sendmail & DNS training in Santa Clara, Santa Fe and elsewhere

Harker Systems is proud to announce our updated seminar on sendmail and DNS:
"Managing Internet Mail: Setting Up and Trouble-shooting sendmail and DNS:

Updated for sendmail 8.7 and  and sendmail 8.8

This seminar was formerly "Sendmail Made Simple" and "Advanced Sendmail &
Electronic Mail Domains"

The seminar covers the operation of sendmail, file,
        rewriting rules, and debugging of sendmail, setting-up
        mail subdomains, DNS and MX records, sendmail 8, and the
        m4 compiler

The dates for "Managing Internet Mail" are as follows:

Santa Clara, CA    January 27, 28 & 29, 1997
Santa Fe, NM       February 19, 20 & 21
Chicago, IL        March 5, 6 & 7
Seattle, WA        April 16, 17 & 18
Anaheim, CA        April 28, 29 & 30
New York, NY       May 12, 13 & 14
Santa Clara, CA    June 9, 10 & 11

This seminar is designed for UNIX system administrators who need to
configure and debug sendmail for a network of UNIX hosts which exchange
mail with the UUCP/Internet mail network, and for those administrators of
complex electronic mail networks who must design, set up and manage mail

You will learn how to register and set up an Internet mail domain for your
organization.  You will learn how to set up sendmail and the Domain
Naming System (DNS) on a mail gateway which relays mail to internal
sub-domains and with the Internet.  You will learn the advantages of
sendmail 8 and how to configure and use it.

After this training seminar you will be able to:
* Install and configure sendmail and for your site
* Understand how sendmail works with mail, SMTP, and UUCP
* Work with Internet service providers to set up an Internet mail domain
* Understand the function and configuration of files
* Create custom sendmail rewriting rules to handle delivery
        to special addresses and mailers
* Debug mail addressing and delivery problems
* Debug configuration files
* Understand the configuration and operation of vendors files
* Understand how to use sub-domains in a complex mail network
* Set-up mail sub-domains and mail routing hubs
* Understand how mail delivery within the Internet and to sub-domains
        is assisted with DNS Mail eXchanger records
* Set up the Domain Naming System on a firewall gateway to provide MX records
        for domains and internal sub-domains
* Use and install sendmail 8
* Create files using the m4 sendmail compiler

Course Fees: $1,450 "Managing Internet Mail"
Fees include the seminar, seminar notes, lunch, and refreshments.

or visit our WWW page at

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