Configuring serial port for PowerChute UPS

Configuring serial port for PowerChute UPS

Post by Ken Verstee » Fri, 10 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi, I've got a Sparc20 server on which I'm trying to configure the
PowerChute UPS software.  The problem I'm having is that the software
needs to communicate with the UPC via a serial port, but the serial port
is being used by a terminal (the server has no graphics card).  

I assume that this is a frequently encountered situation, and I am
curious how other people deal with it?  Do you disconnect the terminal
and only use it when necessary?  Or is there a way to connect the UPS to
the AUX port on the terminal?  Or is there a second serial port on the
sparc20 that I don't know about.

Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated.
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1. how to configure serial port for serial printer?


i have a serial postscript printer connected to serial port a
of my sparc clone.  I just need to know what all the serial
port settings need to be in order to print to it.  in admintool,
there are such settings as terminal type, login prompt, service,
and streams modules, as well as others which are either enabled
or disabled.  could some kind soul either tell me what they need
to be, or point me to a howto or faq?  i can't seem to find any
documents that address the process of serial printing in solaris.

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