router throughput profiling?

router throughput profiling?

Post by Mike Sampso » Sat, 05 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hi -

We're using a Sparc box to route 5 subnets. I'm looking for a way to
determine the efficiency of this setup (latency introduced,
bottlenecking, etc). Any suggestions?

Mike Sampson


router throughput profiling?

Post by Michael Griffi » Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>Hi -

>We're using a Sparc box to route 5 subnets. I'm looking for a way to
>determine the efficiency of this setup (latency introduced,
>bottlenecking, etc). Any suggestions?

Yes.  First take some measurements through your SPARC router.  These
can be simple like ping and ftp, or more complex like ttcp, netperf,
lmbench, or tcpbench.  Run each test at least three times, and try
to measure as much time and data as possible.

Then relocate your test environment so that your only change is so
that you don't go through your router.  Perform the experiments again.
Any difference between the numbers can most likely be attributed to
the overhead introduced by your router.

If you really want to learn something, test again with a different
router.  You will learn the relative performance of various approaches,
which is probably why you are running benchmarks in the first place.

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I'm thinking about buying the Netgear FR114PGE router but I have a couple
of questions. I've read all the information I could find about
the product but figured I'd ask before purchasing.

1) Does anyone have any experience with this particular router when used
with linux (running RH9)? I doubt there should be any problems, especially
since it has a web based interface.

2) Does anyone know the throughput of the router? I currently have a
10Mbit internet connection but there's a kind of war between the ISPs
where I live and my ISP might up the connection to 20Mbit or more in a
near future, I don't wanna get stuck with a router that slows down my
connection. Netgears homepage says nothing about the throughput for this
model. It does however mention the troughput for a model in the class
below this one which has a 50Mhz processor with 20Mbit throughput. The
Netgear FR114P** model has a 75Mhz processor.

Thanks in advance.


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