Sendmail freezeS, and system dies when sendmail is killed

Sendmail freezeS, and system dies when sendmail is killed

Post by Quentin Fennes » Wed, 06 Nov 1991 10:47:53

I am running Interactive 3.2 1.1 on a Dell 333D.  I purchased the
UNIX with the Dell hardware from Dell.  This is one of several machines
on the net - it is intended to serve disk and printers to about 20 PCs
using PC-NFS, and also to serve as mail hub for our LAN.  We are
directly on the Internet.  I am running Lachman TCP/IP and NFS, and
sendmail is version 5.61.  The machine has 16MB of RAM, 300 MB of disk,
and has a Cabltron NIC and E2010 10baseT card.  It also has a Wangtek
QIC-150 drive, and mono VGA.

My Problem:  several times a day, sendmail freezes, and refuses to talk
to anyone on port 25.  When this happens there are invariably several
copies of sendmail left running.  The only way I have found to make sendmail
listen again is to kill it, and restart it.

Unfortunately, killing the original sendmail has a 90% chance of killing
my system.  The system comes down hard, and either reboots itself or
occasionally requires some attention at the keyboard (hit any key to reboot).

This is really aggravating - I cannot find out why sendmail locks up, and
whether the locking up problem is related to the system crashing when I
kill sendmail.

Please mail me with suggestions - I will summarize solutions for the net.
I will trade a big favor for a real solution - we can talk about that.