Multicast & Sun Fastethernet HME...

Multicast & Sun Fastethernet HME...

Post by Ian Dicke » Fri, 13 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Having trouble getting multicast support into a kernel along with the SUN
Fastethernet HME driver under SunOS 4.1.4 on a SPARC 10.  I can install
one or the other and get a working kernel but not both...  I'm getting
"_addmultiaddr" and "_delmultiaddr" unresolved symbols when compiling a kernel
using both...

Sun FastEthernet driver version is 2.0...
Multicast is release3.5 for SunOS4.1.x...

Many thanks in advance,


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1. Sun fastethernet (hme) adapter

I have just installed a Sun Sbus fast ethernet adapter card (hme)
to my Sparc5 (running Solaris 2.5).
This is what I have experienced:
if i connect it to a ALALNTEC hub 10Mbps port, everything works
fine. if i connect it to a ALANTEC hub 100Mbps port, from the
console, it repeatedly prints out  "SUNW,hme:100 Links Down" and then "
Using internal transievers". Later I found out there is a patch (103026-01)
for the hme driver. But when I install the patch, it told me the modules
need to be patched are not installed. But if I do a modinfo | grep
hme, I did see "58 f5b3f000   9f78   7   1  hme (FEPS Ethernet Driver  v 1.40)"
Furthermoe, if I do a "ndd -get /dev/hme link_speed", I got "1" ????!

BTW, I have tried to set the link_speed at the "ok" prompt,
but it does not understand the "apply" command. My prom version
is 2.15.5 !

Anybody have any clue ??

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