hoooking up a 14.4k modem

hoooking up a 14.4k modem

Post by Soren Spi » Tue, 09 Apr 1996 04:00:00

     We purchased a 14.4k modem for dialin to our DecStation 5000 running
Ultrix 4.2 or 4.3 (we have three workstations).  Later, we got a second
phone line, but I have still not been able to plug the 14.4 into any of
the decs.  We have a 2400 bps modem that works fine.  For the 14.4, I
edited /etc/ttys and ran getty std.19200.  I connected a line to a mac and
to a PC to see if they could talk (they did, it works fine.)  When I
attach the modem, however, the dec either constantly prints the login
message to the port (forcing a hangup just after the automatic answer) or
just sits there after the connect 14400 pops up.  To mimimize the dec's
confusion, I tried to minimize the output from the modem to the dec (RING,
RING, etc was eliminated).  A couple times I managed to have it print out
garbage like ||||||||||~x||| when I hit return, but I couldn't ever get an
intelligent reply from it.  Has anyone connected a high-speed "smart"
modem to a decStation?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Does anyone
know if the DTE speed can be set above 19,200 bps (the modem goes up to
57,600).  Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

                                                -- Soren Spies


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First of all, if I connect to the local IBM bulletin board here at
14.4kb in Linux using minicom 1.15b it works ok (8N1 line). However
when I dial the U of T CS computer (7N1 w/MNP) I get nothing but
garbled lines, as if I did not set the 7N1 parameter.  I have done
everything, disabling MNP, etc and it has been unable to connect.
I have been able to connect on the school's 2400 baud line but obviously
I don't want 2400 baud if I can run at 9600.  The reason why
I want to do this is because I want to run term108 (works with my
old 2400 baud modem).  

BTW if anybody has any shell scripts that will dial the modem and
log onto a system without the use of minicom please post them.



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