Using Oracle to mirror NIS maps & vice-versa

Using Oracle to mirror NIS maps & vice-versa

Post by John J. Sasso J » Sun, 14 Aug 1994 23:54:11

   Has anyone ever used Oracle to "mirror" NIS maps, as well
as conversely?  I work at a company as UNIX programmer and systems
administrator in my group and we manage close to a thousand
workstations (Suns, SGIs, Solbournes) and a few dozen servers.
We also have 2 servers implemented as NIS masters (hence, two
different domains).  We would like to implement Oracle in
such a way that the database has tables which essentially
mirror the NIS maps (one table per map, say?).  The scheme is that
Whenever a change to a map occurs (via /var/yp/make map_name) the
corresponding table in Oracle gets changed as well.  A more
difficult scheme would be to do the reverse (update the database
table and the corresponding NIS map would automatically be
updated), but my main concern is getting the former implemented
   Has anyone ever done this before?  How feasible is it?  What
should I be concerned with in such a scheme?  BTW, we also plan
to create tables which do not have corresp. NIS maps but will
be used to hold other useful info.  The purpose for thsi whole
scheme is to enable users and administrators to tap into the
Oracle database as a global source of information on our workstations
(as well as PCs ... soon), as well as users of thos workstations,
instead of relying on several different sources for the information
(e.g. WingZ spreadsheets, FrameMaker documents, files out in UNIX,
as well as NIS maps).  One could easily tap into the database via
shell scripts or a variety of programming languages.

    Any opinions or help on this matter is greatly appreciated!



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