data backups newsgroup

data backups newsgroup

Post by Chuck Blak » Thu, 17 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone point me to a news group discussing data backup tools such
as Legato Networker, OpenVison, ADSM, related HW/SW?

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1. email, newsgroups, data packets

I have a Linux computer and two Windows 98SE computers.  All are
connected to a hub.  The Linux computer using pppd, calls my ISP using
an external modem connected to the Linux computer's serial port.  I
start Squid, and the Windows computers can surf using IE which is told
to use port 3128.  

But on the Win98 machines, email does not work (POP3 & SMTP  ports
110, 25), Agent newsreaders don't work (port 115), Norton NAV update
doesn't work (port ?), and RealPlayer (port ?) does not work.  There
is nothing in NAV nor Agent that I can find to specify a port, nor do
I know what protocols these applications use (is this necessary?)

I've done some reading on transparent proxy and iptables, but I'm not
sure what I need to do next to get these applications to work


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